Order by Phone

To place your order BY PHONE from Drinks Delivered Liquor Delivery Service Daily from 3pm–11pm 

CALL 250.863.2226

Below is a sample conversation you will have with one of our friendly Dispatch/Drivers:

DD: Drinks Delivered Ian speaking, may I start with your address please.

YOU:  Condo 208, 1455 Houghton Road in Rutland, buzz 208 or you can call when here.

DD: Great! How are you?

YOU: Thirsty! Ha, ha. I would like a 12 pack of Bud in bottles and a 26 of Smirnoff.

DD: No problem, is that everything?

YOU: Yes!

DD: How will you be paying?

YOU: Debit.

DD: And your phone number in case the driver needs to reach you.

YOU: 250.555.5309

DD: Ok! We will have a driver to see you within 35 minutes if not SOONER!

It’s that Simple!